Forum Questions – Waste Water and Fresh Water

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One thing on everybody’s mind in Morden, particularly in spring, is the concern regarding our waste water system. Last year’s drought raised the concern about the fresh water capacity of our city. Previous city council’s have worked tireless to develop solutions. They have repeatedly returned to the drawing table to devise a solution that is both feasible and economical.

Forum Questions – Quick Hits

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All questions to government members are important to person asking the question. Some require deep dives and take time to develop solutions. Others can be provided quicker answers. Regardless, there often is an underlying question or concern that can be answers. There are probably no issues today that have not been addressed in the past: swimming pool, lagoon, snow removal, dandelions, infrastructure (roads, sidewalks) and many more. What do you propose to move Morden forward on these issues? All of the items mentioned in the question above are issues that affect many people, and are worthy of consideration. I’ve discussed Read More …

Forum Questions – Attracting Professionals and Tourists

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Morden is a growing city with growing needs. We need more professionals (specifically in the medical and education fields). We need to not only entice people to work here, we need to demonstrate that this is a most excellent community to live in. Some of the same things that may draw professionals into our community are the same things that will attract tourists.

Forum Questions – Inclusivity, and Equality

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Equality, Equity, and Inclusivity are topics that I care a great deal about. I am well aware of my privilege – I am a cis-gendered, heterosexual, white male. My privilege resides not in the fact that I have been given a specific benefit, but rather that I have not been deprived of a benefit. We need to be cognizant of our privilege, and to ensure we are using it to benefit everyone else even before ourselves.