About Me

My name is Ken Friesen. I was born and raised in the Winkler area. My wife, our dog, and I moved to Morden and very quickly realized that we were home here. Morden is a city filled with caring people who understand the meaning of community. And I want to work with my friends and neighbours to continually build on that legacy.

I graduated from Providence College, and then from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Political Science. Municipal governance is an interest of mine because that is where the rubber really meets the road. Local government has the greatest impact on people’s day-to-day, and I want to help people live their best lives.

Government, at the local level, is non-partisan and being involved at this level is not about pursuing a particular philosophy, but rather acting on and pursuing the best interests of everyone in the community.

I currently work from home for a company that provides IT services, equipment, and solutions to businesses throughout Canada. Community is about being connected to those around you, which I am throughout my workday with my co-workers. But community is more than that.

Community is knowing that your friends and neighbours have your best interests at heart. It’s shovelling the driveway of a neighbour after it snows. It’s helping another neighbour re-set his vegetable garden after the wind knocked over all his vegetable pots. It’s someone helping me find my dog who ran away, or searching for someone’s cat that is missing.

I’m committed to my friends and neighbours, and committed to finding ways to help us all live in a community where we know that our city councillors are working to help ensure that our community is focussed on the people who live here – dedicated to serving the community.

​While my beard style may come and go, my love for my community is unwavering.