Why Vote for Ken?

This is an important question, and one that should be asked of everyone running (possibly switching the name as appropriate).

I am dedicated to our community; it’s inclusiveness, diversity, and open-minded caring attitude.

I am determined to build on the legacy Morden has built in the past few years (and earlier) of being an oasis in Southern Manitoba. An oasis that welcomes with open arms people of all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, and circumstances.

I am committed to being involved and active in the community, and ensuring that we are able to demonstrate both the beauty of our city, and the beauty of the people who live here. As much as possible I participate in the Love-Your-Lake cleanup, and I am a member of the Pembina Hill Arts Council board. And love being part of events like the Corn and Apple and Back 40 – celebrating our community and the many talented people in the area.

An Ally

Importantly, I want to be a voice on city council as an ally first. I want to help create awareness of the needs of the people in community, and to help create solutions that make sense. I want to stand with the marginalized people in community and ensure they know that have an ally they can tust.

If given the opportunity to take a seat at the city council table, I will be doing so with the sole purpose of building, growing, and nurturing our community for the people who live here.

I love our community

I do not have a business to promote, or any ulterior motive. I will be working for the people of Morden because they are my friends and neighbours. And anything I can do to help them live their best life. I love our community and the friendships it has provided to me. The compassion and warmth here is amazing and I want to help maintain that spirit.

Happiness is not a destination, it is a path and the people who you walk it with. I have chosen the people of Morden to walk this path with me, and I couldn’t be happier.