Forum Questions – Question Themes

During the Morden City Council All-Candidates Forum there was a clear theme for almost all of the questions posed to the candidates: Community! Morden has a strong sense of community and Mordenites want to develop, nurture and grow our community. Many, if not all, of the questions posed revolved around a desire for inclusivity, and diversity. Most of the questions revolved around creating a community that is looking to the future and developing a space that is safe for everyone, that has capacity to grow, and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

This is why I am running for city council – I want to help make this desire a reality. These are the reason why my wife and I decided to move to Morden and why we can easily call it home. I believe in our community and will help nurture a future that is designed to help everyone live their absolute best lives.

Themes – Our Shared Future

Questions included asking how city council candidates would fulfill their roles if elected. These questions are vitally important because councillors should not only draw on their own understanding. Doing so will result in failure. We all need to together as a team, and draw from the deep well of expertise around us. This includes other members of council, but also the city staff and other members of our community. And looking at other communities for inspiration. We build community by drawing from the wealth of knowledge and passion within the community.

A number of questions arose regarding wastewater and fresh water supply. This is an important conversation for the city as it continues to grow (another set of questions involved business and residential growth). While this is a priority for everyone vying for council seats, these questions do not preclude or prevent action on any other fronts. These questions should not serve as a distraction from all the other issues that our city faces. We are able to move forward on multiple fronts at once. Wastewater and fresh water are issue in discussion and the next council will see them taking shape.

Themes – Outward Focussed

Diversity and Inclusion was another category of questions which was outward focussed. When people ask these questions they are looking outward at other groups, and want to ensure everyone is safe and cared for. Our friends and neighbours in Morden include marginalized groups of people who deserve our love and respect. (See my posts on LBGTQ+ and Truth and Reconciliation) Too often it is easy to demand things from our governments for ourselves. We need to stand-up and speak-out for our neighbours who may not be able to. Whenever they are standing-up and speaking-out themselves we need to have their backs, to listen to them, and to ensure action is taken. Morden deserves city councillors who are serious about providing the megaphones and platforms for our friends and neighbours. We need everyone to have their voice heard.

Other questions were about transportation, recreation, and community groups. These questions focus on accessibility, education, active lifestyle, and community involvement. These question focus on our community as a whole. Once again the people of Morden are looking out for the best interests of everyone in the community. This is why I love this city so very much. We need a city where everyone is able to access amenities, and is able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our community needs everyone to be offered the opportunity to be involved as they see fit and are able.


The reason I am running for city council is because I believe in the people of Morden. When I look solely at the questions I see that my faith is in the right place. Morden is an oasis in Southern Manitoba and the people here are the reason why that is even possible.

On Election Day, please look at the candidates and consider which ones you feel embody the spirit of our community. Consider how they will work as team to build up our community, and nurture the incredibly positive spirit that exists here. Morden is a very special place, and I am determined to keep it that way.