Running for Council and COVID

The question of vaccines and pandemic mandates continue to arise. On a number of occasions those questions were directed at me in relation to my bid to run for City Council in Morden. One important detail that I want to highlight is that vaccine mandates and other restrictions are not municipal responsibilities.

However, I believe in our community and in protecting those around me. I believe in acting in the best interests of my community members. We all need to ensure everyone around us is as safe as possible, and is able to lead happy, healthy lives.

I believe in vaccines, and I believe that wearing a mask and social distancing are measures that help prevent the spread and catching of COVID. I will continue to mask up when entering public spaces. The flu shot is on my radar. I am up to date with my vaccines – having received the bivalent vaccine.

Our community needs dedicated people who care about the health and welfare of everyone around them – including themselves. We can help build a community of caring by doing any number of small things. Some are slight inconveniences, but most take little effort at all.

Take care of yourself. Take care of those around you.