Forum Questions – Transportation – Active/Public

Transportation plays a vital role in our lives. For most of us it is taken for granted. Others do not have their own transportation, or are unable to drive themselves. This limits where they can go and what they can do. Then there are those who would greatly benefit from improved routes for active transportation – biking and walking paths.

What are your plans for active/public transportation?

I would love to see a network fo interconnected biking and walking paths between our various communities, and between our parks. This includes more paved biking and walking paths for those who do not want to or are unable to venture onto the more rugged terrain.

I have used public transportation almost my entire adult life. It would make me immensely happy toto see something implemented in Southern Manitoba. I lived in Korea for 4 year, on an island with a population smaller than Winnipeg, but four times the size (if I did my head math correctly). Every community on that island had access to a bus route. Those busses ran everyday of the year, and, in the remotest of areas, would see a bus come at least every 60 – 90 minutes. Much more regularly in larger communities.

If we were going to look at providing a regional bus service, it would need to include the other cities, towns, and villages in our area to be feasible and worthwhile. This is a huge endeavour, but one that would be worth the while for everyone.

What would you do to improve the roads and sidewalks/pathways in Morden? Many of the pathways require repair. 

As mentioned above, I would like to see more and improved walking and bike paths. At the same time, would like our existing sidewalks to be updated and improved. This includes beautification, but also ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can safely navigate our city.