Forum Questions – City Beautification and Stephen Street

Due to time considerations, not all the questions asked had time for answers during the All-Candidates Forum. I’d like to continue to address these questions. My focus is on ones revolving around community and building a city we can all continue to be proud of.

Stephen Street is a natural hub of activity for Morden. It is taken over during the Corn and Apple festival, and hosts the summer Suncatch concerts and farmers market. As well being home to numerous businesses, the post office, the art gallery, city hall. Morden is a beautiful city as a result of our dedication to planting and preserving our greenery. The trees in Morden, for me at least, have a calming presence. Our greener help make our city feel peaceful and serene.


Where has our downtown beautification gone? Businesses are doing their best, but the city is lacking. What is happening with the tree wells, as trees die they are not being replaced.

I agree with this comment. There is much that can be done to help reinvigorate the natural elements downtown. I enjoy walking down the many streets in Morden lined with trees. Trees, flowers, and other greenery help make Morden feel as warm as the people who live here. I’d like to see the tree wells and flower boxes upgraded and updated. This would help make our communities even more inviting. We need to continue to plant, maintain and care for the trees which help define Morden. We can continue to beautify our city, and make it a home we can remain being proud of.

Pedestrian Safety

Speed limits downtown. Stephen Street is a 50km zone, should it be 30k, or maybe pedestrians should have the right of way?

The issue of pedestrian safety and accessibility is one that is close to my heart. I am a pedestrian 99% of the time. While living in Winnipeg, and South Korea, I walked or biked as much as possible. My experience in Winnipeg is that most amenities are not built with pedestrians in mind. In Korea, the aim for Seoul, if memories servers me correctly, was to make it one of the most walkable cities. The goal for streets is to keep people moving safely. This goal should include all forms of transportation. We all deserve a city dedicated to the people here and one that encourages active living. Street design can keep pedestrians moving, visible, and safe.

In areas like Stephen Street we should aim to have a pedestrian first approach. This includes reducing the speed limit, reworking and redesigning the intersections. We have a number of options available for this, and the choice should be one where pedestrians are visible, safe, and given a priority.


What is happening with the lighting downtown? The new lights do not give off much light. It feels unsafe.

Agreed. The new lights are annoying, ugly, and reduce visibility for everyone. Unfortunately, replacing these lights, along with burned out lights, falls to Manitoba Hydro. I urge everyone to report lights that are out, and to report these blues lights to Manitoba Hydro so that we can all feel safe and seen.

Visit your online Manitoba Hydro account and go to Services -> Report a Street Light Outage. If you don’t have an account sign up here for one.