Forum Questions – Recreation – Pool

For years people have discussed the possibility of building an indoor poor in our city. The All-Candidates forum highlighted this need request once again.

There are countless benefits to having all-season recreational opportunities for the residents, and it would be beneficial to our local economy as well. I 100% emphatically support this idea.

With the population between Morden – Winkler – Altona – Carman, what are your thoughts on having an indoor swimming pool, such an important thing for our residents’ health. 


Not everyone can or wants to go to the beach, or to walk down the stairs to get there. Other people would like to take year-round swimming lessons, or to get out of their house in winter to get some exercise. Aqua-robics and other pool exercises are great people of all ages but specifically for people who are rehabilitating after an injury, or have joint and muscle pain.

An active community is a healthy community.

Community Growth and Retention

Building amenities within our community is a great draw for people, professionals, and businesses. The fuller our slate of offerings to people, the more people will want to move and stay within our community. Building a pool does more than simply providing an opportunity to play and exercise. It helps bring people to Morden to live and build a home.

Making a pool a reality requires effort, resources, and time. We have expended some of these already, but we have not depleted our resources. Good ideas often meet hurdles and speed bumps. But like many great ideas, this one has not disappeared and isn’t likely to until it is fulfilled.

I would like to earn your vote for city council. I will continue to push for this to become a reality because I believe in this project, and I believe in the people of Morden.