Forum Questions – Attracting Professionals and Tourists

Morden is a growing city with growing needs. We need more professionals (specifically in the medical and education fields). We need to not only entice people to work here, we need to demonstrate that this is a most excellent community to live in. Some of the same things that may draw professionals into our community are the same things that will attract tourists.

What is the vision to attract and keep new family doctors locally?

Attracting family doctors to our area is an on-going issue. It is an issue that requires attention from both the municipal and provincial governments. This issue is not only regarding medical staffing, it is also with teachers and other professionals who work in schools as well.

We also need to continue to demonstrate our appreciation for the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff that have worked diligently throughout the on-going pandemic. All people, regardless of their chosen career path, deserve respect. We need to continue to value them in order to attract and retain their services.

Highlight our Strengths

There are other ways to make Morden attractive to professionals who are looking to start or continue their practice. We need to highlight the strengths of our community and show-off the incredible amenities we already have here. As well, we can continue to build on our growing list of attributes.

Morden has a beautiful lake with year round fishing, and is surrounding by biking and hiking trails. We have one of two drive-in theatres in the province. Morden’s downtown is gorgeous (and I hope to help build on that). Our Suncatch concerts, Back-Forty Folk Festival, and Corn and Apple festival all demonstrate our local spirit and culture.

When we look at the plans, proposals, and visions of our community, it is easy to see that the people of Morden value active living. We already are building parks, basketball courts, and are looking at creating more soccer fields and (hopefully) an indoor pool.

Morden is a fantastic place to live. That is why my wife and I chose to call Morden home. We need to build on the strengths Morden has to draw professionals of all stripes in.

What can the city do to attract tourism?

As I mentioned earlier, the same elements that are used to draw in professionals will draw in tourists. Morden is a beautiful city with lots to offer. When a city like Morden is able to draw people into our city to live, others will see the city as a great place to visit as well. It’s not a chicken or egg problem – it’s both at the same time. When we see our value, and build on it, people will sit-up, stand-up, and take notice.