Forum Questions – Education

Education is a tide that raises all boats. When we invest in education we invest in the entire community. Providing a means to seek higher education, for those who want it, is a vital part of a well-rounded community.

The question of education was brought up at the all-candidates forum, and deserves further discussion.

What do you think about post-secondary education? Would you support a post-secondary institution coming to Morden?

Thoughout our lives we need to draw upon services that require training and expertise. Among these services we can include healthcare, accounting, automotive repair, and many, many others. Many of these require people to move away from our city to obtain training. But the difficulty is drawing them back into our community.

Education is for Everyone

Education is not just for the young. Many people would pursue more schooling if provided the opportunity. For some, transplanting to Winnipeg is daunting. Some people are unable to uproot their lives to move away for school. While others would like to take courses to further their education to further their current career. And there are those who would like to learn for learning’s sake.

I want people to have the opportunity to study close to home in a satellite university campus, or to train in a trade school. This would help many to achieve their academic goals, or to continue on a career path of their choosing.

When we invest in education, we invest in ourselves. We increase the draw to our city, and increase the potential for professionals to remain in our community after they graduate.