Forum Questions – Quick Hits

All questions to government members are important to person asking the question. Some require deep dives and take time to develop solutions. Others can be provided quicker answers. Regardless, there often is an underlying question or concern that can be answers.

There are probably no issues today that have not been addressed in the past: swimming pool, lagoon, snow removal, dandelions, infrastructure (roads, sidewalks) and many more. What do you propose to move Morden forward on these issues?

All of the items mentioned in the question above are issues that affect many people, and are worthy of consideration. I’ve discussed the idea of a pool and about the issues regarding the lagoon (hint: I’m in full support of addressing and building both of these). Snow removal is a matter of both the budget and of logistics. I would like to see snow removal of the sidewalks improved. This is a concern for pedestrians, students, the elderly, those with mobility concerns, and anyone wishing to walk in winter. Coupled with this is the concern for sidewalks and pathways. As for dandelions and other weeds, I believe in diversity in our community as well is in our natural habitats.

What involvement have you had in regard to municipal government? What was the most valuable lesson learned from your experience?

Honesty is always the best policy. I do not have a huge involvement in municipal government. But my desire to build a caring, nurturing, and dedicated community is strong. I want to continue to build on the strong foundation that Morden is built on.

Non-Government Organizations

Tell us about the importance of volunteer organizations in our community and your experience in this area.

Volunteer organizations serve a number of hugely important services. Aside from their individually stated goals they provide a real connection to the people in our communities. They fill the gaps where and when governments are unable to. I have worked in and with a number of volunteer organizations in the past, and currently sit on the Pembina Hills Arts Council.

Which community groups are you most excited to work with?

I am excited to work with Many Hands, 500 Stephen Street, the Pembina Hills Arts Council, and Pembina Valley Pride – to name a few of the fabulous groups within our community.

The Dreaded “Jurisdiction” Problem

What can be done to improve the intersection at 1st street and the highway.

One of the few words that I really despise saying is “jurisdiction.” In this case the intersection involves a provincial highway. This make the issue one of provincial jurisdiction. The previous council has alerted the province about this issue, and the next council will continue to highlight the need for something to be done.

I worked for MIFT. I did a traffic study at Gilmour & Mountain (PR432). I saw 2 kids under 12, almost got hit by a car. My question is the city of Morden going to put standard lights, which is red, yellow, green at the intersection!!!

Unfortunately, like the previous question, the dreaded word “jurisdiction” rears its ugly head. Mountian (PR 432) is a provincial road, and this issue would fall to the province. While saying that something falls to the province, it does not mean that the city is not considering their options, nor refusing to act. Within the confines of their ability, the city will always address matters of concern like this.