Forum Questions – Waste Water and Fresh Water

One thing on everybody’s mind in Morden, particularly in spring, is the concern regarding our waste water system. Last year’s drought raised the concern about the fresh water capacity of our city. Previous city council’s have worked tireless to develop solutions. They have repeatedly returned to the drawing table to devise a solution that is both feasible and economical.

Regardless of previous efforts, people have serious questions. Some nagging doubts put the future of our city in question. The efforts of previous councils are not being wasted, and the next council will continue to build on them. Plans are already in place for both these issues.

Our Future Isn’t Being Wasted

Does the city have the capacity to grow?

Yes. However, the growth is staged and planned carefully to ensure we do not exceed capacity. And I quite like the intentionality that this allows Morden to have. We can continue to work to attract the businesses and industries that fit our community ideals.

The water and sewer system seems to be an ongoing question? When will the community see results?

Waste water and sewer systems are an ongoing question. We can expect to see answers and results in early 2023. It is highly possible that groundbreaking could begin as early as Spring 2023. A younger Ken would have found it odd to be excited about sewage treatment. But I am. And I look forward to a spring where we can all take a deep breath of clean, fresh spring air.

How will taxpayers get sewer backup insurance when the sewer system is not being addressed or fixed. Not much sense fixing your home when the real problem is not fixed by the city.

We need to take a two-pronged approach to address this issue. One prong is the fixing our current waste-water system. This is in the works and, as mentioned above, could begin taking real shape early in 2023.

The second is the issue of overwhelming the current system. This prong is one which requires citizens to act. During sudden downpours, the current lagoon receives an exorbitant amount of water in a very short period. When homeowners drain their sump pits into the sewer, it increases the amount of water in the lagoon. Unfortunately, this is not the minority situation. It is fairly easy to see how some water from one house can become a flood of water when it is all diverted to one location.

City council is, was, and will continue to improve the waste water situation. The people of Morden can help by doing their part and pumping their sump water to the street and away from their houses.