Workers Go Go!

two Minions character figure on red table

We work hard in the factories and farms, Making things with our muscles and arms. But the bosses want to make more dough, So they pay us less and make us go, go, go.

We toil all day, our backs are sore,
But we can’t afford to take a snore.
Our kids go hungry, our homes are bleak,
Capitalism makes our lives so meek.

We speak up, but they say “buzz off!”,
They threaten to fire us, we feel so scoffed.
But we deserve a fair deal and treat,
With good pay and a comfortable seat.

Capitalism can be so mean,
To the workers, it’s like a bad dream.
But we’ll keep fighting for what is right,
For a better life, we’ll put up a fight.

poem by ChatGPT1

  1. I understand the irony of using a bot to create content about workers []