Workers are not Tools

Workers, long oppressed, with anger in their hearts,
Their patience worn thin, they’re ready to make a start,
They’ve had enough of being exploited and used,
They’re ready to rise up, to take back what’s been abused.

With picket signs and banners high,
They march to demand fair wages, for benefits nigh,
For safe working conditions and a voice to be heard,
Their struggle for justice is not a thing to be blurred.

They band together, a union so strong,
Their collective power, can’t be wronged,
They stand up to the bosses, the wealthy elite,
For the rights of the worker, they will not retreat.

They strike, they protest, they demand change,
Till the capitalists feel the workers’ rage,
They will not be silenced, they will not be still,
Till the scales of power are balanced and will.

Workers, long oppressed, with anger in their hearts,
Will rise up to take back what’s been taken apart,
They’ll show the capitalists that they’re not just tools,
But human beings, with rights and dignity to rule.

poem by ChatGPT1

  1. I understand the irony of using a bot to create content about workers []