Forum Questions – Taxes and Charitable Given

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Some questions were left unable to be asked during the all-candidates forum. I’m doing my best answer as many as I am able. While a majority of the questions were outward focussed, some were more centred on the self. They tell you on an airplane that you should put your own oxygen mask on first, then help others. That is the spirit I am giving to this question.

Tax is not a four letter word

Forum Questions – City Beautification and Stephen Street

Morden Manitoba

Due to time considerations, not all the questions asked had time for answers during the All-Candidates Forum. I’d like to continue to address these questions. My focus is on ones revolving around community and building a city we can all continue to be proud of.

Stephen Street is a natural hub of activity for Morden. It is taken over during the Corn and Apple festival, and hosts the summer Suncatch concerts and farmers market. As well being home to numerous businesses, the post office, the art gallery, city hall. Morden is a beautiful city as a result of our dedication to planting and preserving our greenery. The trees in Morden, for me at least, have a calming presence. Our greener help make our city feel peaceful and serene.

Forum Questions – Transportation – Active/Public

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Transportation plays a vital role in our lives. For most of us it is taken for granted. Others do not have their own transportation, or are unable to drive themselves. This limits where they can go and what they can do. Then there are those who would greatly benefit from improved routes for active transportation – biking and walking paths.

Forum Questions – Question Themes

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During the Morden City Council All-Candidates Forum there was a clear theme for almost all of the questions posed to the candidates: Community! Morden has a strong sense of community and Mordenites want to develop, nurture and grow our community. Many, if not all, of the questions posed revolved around a desire for inclusivity, and diversity. Most of the questions revolved around creating a community that is looking to the future and developing a space that is safe for everyone, that has capacity to grow, and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.